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25 Years Anniversary

It's Radio Wave's 25th year anniversary!

On 25th May 1992, the Fylde Coast's 96.5 Radio Wave launched following a campaign lead by John and Danielle Barnett and a group of investors who believed that Blackpool should have it's own radio station.

25 years on and we look back at some of the highlights and the amazing people that have helped make Radio Wave the number one station for Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

credit: Gary Burgess

Here we have an off air recording of the launch of Radio Wave in Blackpool, including the final minutes of Test Transmissions. These were pulled by engineer Pyers Easton at approximately 6.57am leaving around 2 minutes of dead air. Just before 7am a reel to reel tape machine burst into action with a montage of the new Jam Jingles followed at exactly 7am by a short speech from Managing Director, John Barnett. Then, Breakfast Host Neil Sexton introduced the first record, Tina Turner's The Best. This file contains the whole of the first hour of Radio Wave.

Listen back to Gary Burgess complete "Blackpool's Biggest Breakfast Show!" in 2001

Thanks to founding Programme Director Simon Tate for the archive audio

Feel free to browse through some of the pictures and paper cuttings from our archives and most importantly....

Thanks for listening!