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I have to say I wasn't looking forward Viva Cardio Blast one little bit, so it was with some trepidation that I set off to YMCA in Fleetwood this morning! I was greeted by Claire the instructor, who told me to work at my own pace & if it got too much to take the it back to a march, she also told me that the half hour would fly by!
The class started off with a pretty intense warm up, which I managed to get through (thankfully) and then I can honestly say the rest of the class was a bit of a blur! Claire took us through various different exercises, which were timed & got quicker as we went through each set, thankfully she counted down our remaining time, although 10 seconds can genuinely feel like an hour!!
I surprised myself by managing to keep up with 90% of the class, only having to stop a couple of times. Without a doubt I'd like to do the class again & I love the fact you can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes, that's definitely my kind of workout!
I'm loads fitter than I was at the start of 2012 & the only annoying thing for me today was every time we did an exercise on the floor like a push up or a bunny hop I had to pull my trousers up, which I later discovered was because I'm no longer a size 16 on my bottom half.. Hello size 14!!! What a result eh?









Tonight I was at Fylde Coast YMCA in Lytham to take part in my first ever Power Yoga class, having never tried yoga I didn't really know what to expect. Gail, the instructor, introduced herself & told us to work at our own pace throughout the class. The atmosphere was definitely chilled and in many ways, just what I needed after a hectic Monday doing my tax return!

We started the class working on our breathing and this was a theme throughout with Gail constantly reminding us to breathe and not hold our breath!

To be honest, the hour flew by; taking in various yoga poses all set to music, which was quietly perfect.



I wish I could remember more of the names of poses we did, but I attempted every one of them with varying degrees of success! I was ok at the triangle & the cobra poses, but lets just say my tree was very wobbly! I would definitely recommend the class for core stability, flexibility & it's suitable for any age or fitness level. After the class my body felt as though I'd had a workout but I was really relaxed & spent the entire drive home yawning!

Looking forward to the next class already!


Radio Wave's Hayley Kay on her Aqua Experience from Fylde Coast YMCA on Vimeo.

Today it was my turn to start the Radio Wave Presenter Fit Club with Fylde Coast YMCA, so I set off to the Pool in St Annes to take part in Aqua Aerobics with Vivienne Wilder.

I have to be honest & say that I always thought Aqua Aerobics was an old ladies class & it all looked pretty easy; however I got to the lesson, really looking forward to giving it a go! It was actually a bit weird, as the last time I'd been in the pool there was when I was at School, I used to go to Queen Mary in Lytham and my year group would swim there every Monday!!

Vivienne introduced herself and told us to ask her if we had any questions at any point during the session, then led us through the warm up. This was all about getting ready for the workout, which was to come. After that, we got down to the actual workout, which she warned us wouldn't be easy (and it wasn't!) What I liked about the class was the range of exercises and movements during the class and the time flew by & you could work at your own pace, some of the women wore weights on their arms & ankles to make them work even harder! At the end of the class Vivienne took us through a 20 minute Aqua Pilates workout, which was really enjoyable too & something I'd never done before. All the ladies made me feel really welcome & I'd definitely recommend giving it at try, no matter what your level of fitness is.