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Pat Sharp

Ged week 1

Blog 1

Wake : multi vitamins / Glass Of Orange Juice

15/30mins Later

Portion 1 : Granola with low fat yoghurt is fine

Mid Morning – Protein shake / Banana / raisins

Before training - Coffee ( A kick before your workout) Branch Chain Amino Acids Tablets x 2

Train – 2 litre bottle of water

Pre Workout Protein Shake with carbohydrates included / BCAA x 2

1 Hour Later – 200g Chicken salad/ 150g Lean Mince Beef/ 200g Turkey/ Large Tin Of Tuna

With Brown Rice / Potato ( will get you amount depending on where you shop will calculate carbs)

Almonds/ could look at getting UDO’s Oil order it online (healthy fats )

Mid afternoon – Protein Shake / apple / Rice Cakes with Peanut butter/ Rivita / apple

Tea -Tea stir fry chicken mango chutney( that’s fine only has 10g of carbs) Brown Rice instead of pitta

Add Broccoli ( Super Veg) tomatoes/ salad and udo’s or almonds or choose from lunch options. Sauces are fine as long as they are not high in fat!

Before Bed – Cottage Cheese – small tub ( slow to be broken down releases protein whilst you are sleeping keeping the body nitrogen positive so you will be in a non-catabolic state)