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Hayley's Week 1

Before I started the Pro Muscle Challenge:

A ‘normal’ days food looks like this…

06:30 Porridge

10:30 A chocolate bar or bag of crisps (I’m always starving if I eat breakfast, which is why I try & skip it!!)

12:30-13:30 Lunch (something like a sandwich & a packet of crisps or some soup & crackers)

18:00 Tea (something like Casserole, Spag Bol Chilli Con Carne, Fajitas)

20:00 Bar of chocolate or bag of crisps

22:00 Bed

Usual Weekly Exercise:

Gym x 3 times a week, usually swim, Zumba class, (Gym session) Cross Trainer & Spin Bike

Dogs get walked once a day between 20 minutes & 1 hour

Hayley’s Week One Food Plan:

6:15 glass of orange juice / multivitamin tabs

06:30 Porridge 50g

10:30 Protein shake with handful of almonds

Train -

12:00 – Protein shake (they taste great so its like getting you choc fix! )

13:30 – small tin of tuna with a Jacket Potato (200g) Not a huge one! Use a light mayo, just a tiny bit, and mix it up to gain taste! Tuna is too bland on its own and we are humans not dolphins!

16:00 – raisins or rice cakes with a tbs of peanut butter

18:00 – 1 chicken breast with potato or brown rice (small portion) broccoli

Dog Walking – a quick pace try for 25mins at least. Not so you are out of breath but enough so you get a sweat! This will dramatically help in weight reduction!

20:00 – any lean protein source tuna/ chicken/ turkey with a small amount of sauce ie BBQ can have almonds again or some avocado.

22:00 Bed / multivitamins

Supplement Plan Week One

2 multiviatmins per day

2 protein shakes a day