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Pat Sharp

Hayley's Week 5

Week 5 Supplement Plan

2 multivitamins per day

2 protein shakes a day (except on Rest Day)

Week 5: Food Diary

6:15 glass of orange juice / multivitamin tabs

06:30 Porridge 50g or scrambled egg

10:30 Protein shake with handful of almonds

Train -

12:00 – Protein shake ( they taste great so its like getting you choc fix! )

13:30 – small tin of tuna with a Jacket Potato (200g) not a huge one!

16:00 – raisins or rice cakes with a tbs of peanut butter

18:00 – 1 chicken breast with potato or brown rice (small portion ) broccoli

Dog Walking – a quick pace try 25mins

20:00 – any lean protein source tuna/ chicken/ turkey with a small amount of sauce ie BBQ can have almonds again or some avocado.

22:00 Bed / multivitamins