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Pat Sharp

Roy's Challenge

Weight is 14st 9lbs which is 205lbs

4:30am – Glass of Orange Juice/ Multivitamins x 2

4:45am - Porridge bowl 65g/ Protein Shake

Before setting off to gym/ Coffee to give you a kick! 2 Branch Chain Amino Acids

6:00am Train – Bottle of water 2 litre

7:00am Protein Shake / an energy drink with simple carbs/ 2 x BCAA

8:00am - 200g Chicken salad/ 150g Lean Mince Beef/ 200g Turkey/ Large Tin of Tuna/ salmon

Carbs: choose from Brown Rice / Potato (will get you amount depending on where you shop will calculate carbs)

Fats: Almonds/ Avocado / UDO’s Oil - this meal is important –Broccoli is a good veg to put in but a salad dressing is fine. Put it in a Tupperware box if needs be and take it to work.

10:00am Rice Cakes with Peanut butter/ Rivita / apple

12:30 choose from 8am Meal

15:00 Protein shake – raisins

17:30 Choose again from meal list above – Variety is key so you don’t get bored.

Before Bed – Cottage Cheese – small tub (slow to be broken down releases protein whilst you are sleeping keeping the body nitrogen positive so you will be in a non-catabolic state)